A workshop is a great opportunity to take time out and look at something in more depth

I have one further workshop scheduled for 2019, and two for 2020

  • Tackling Stress with Yoga – Saturday 16 November 2019 10am – Sometimes it seems stress is all around us in modern life. In fact stress itself is neutral; its our reaction to stress that causes dis-ease. And, of course, Stress tends to go hand in hand with its sisters Anxiety and Depression. In this workshop we will look at the physiology of stress, and simple yoga techniques to help us manage better. A mix of talk, some physiology, practice and sitting, suitable for all. 
  • Yoga in Daily Life–  Saturday 22 February 2020 10am –  Taking your yoga practice out of the studio and into daily life, at home, work or leisure. Learn about the micro practices that work to support busy lives, and how to be intelligent with your own yoga time. A mix of theory, practice and discussion.
  • Finding the Ground – Yoga practices for Resilience in the face of Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm – Saturday 21 November 2020 10am –  Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm can easily spiral out of control and hold us back. In this session we will look at how we can use Yoga to create stability and space, literally being grounded in the storm. A mix of theory, practice and discussion.

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I’m also running three courses in 2020, two beginners courses and a therapeutic yoga course

January 2020 – Nurturing and Accessible Yoga Beginners Courses
A four week nurturing and accessible beginners yoga course in January 2020 – choose from Tuesday morning or evening
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February 2020 – Nurturing Yoga For Emotional Well-Being Course
A four week course in February 2019 for emotional well-being – suitable for anyone held back by Stress, Anxiety or Depression
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