Minded Yoga 8 Week Yoga Therapy Course for Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Minded Yoga 8 Week Yoga Therapy Course for Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Stress, depression and anxiety can hold you back from living your best life, cramping your confidence and filling your mind with fears that distract you from your innate powers

Your body contains the power to break free from these mind-forged manacles, and Yoga Therapy can guide you toward this release

Learn how to transcend negative thought patterns and re-engage with the bright reserves of positivity you carry within you, on the 8 week Minded Yoga Therapy Course for Stress, Anxiety & Depression

I hope to bring this course to the Isle of Wight for the first time during 2020 and am taking expressions of interest.  Here’s what you need to know:

Who is the course for? – Anyone who is facing Stress, Anxiety and Depression.  You do not need to have Yoga experience, however you do need an open mind.  Adaptations are available for injuries and health issues, but you need to be able to move to and from the floor for the yoga practice.

Tutor – Jessica Garbett – Yoga Teacher and Minded Yoga Therapist

VenueYinspire Rowborough

When – To be agreed during 2020 –  I’d welcome thoughts on best day / time for you.

Exchange – £180 fee for sixteen hours of Yoga Therapy Tuition, take home materials and group support. 

I acknowledge this course is more expensive than many yoga courses you will see, and this reflects the specialist nature of Yoga Therapy and the investment made by myself in training as a Yoga Therapist.  If would be unfair to compare this course to, say, a general beginners yoga or yoga for stress course.  The recommended fee by Minded Institute is £250 within M25 and as near to that as possible outside of M25 – I am reducing it considerably for the Island. 

How to Express InterestGet in touch to discuss the course further and express interest – email or contact my secretary on 01983 333888.  I will then keep you updated.

About the Course – This course has been developed by Heather Mason, Founder of Minded Institute, and combines specific yoga therapy techniques with research from the fields of psychotherapy and neuroscience to:

  • Enhance the functioning of the nervous system to improve well-being
  • Improve self-awareness through the practice of mindfulness
  • Promote the support of others by eliminating habitual patterns of thought and behaviour.

Both mindfulness and therapeutic yoga are well known to help improve stress, anxiety and depression, this 8-week yoga therapy course will help you access these profound healing properties

All sessions are taught in a compassionate and safe setting.

Course Structure – We meet once a week for two hours over an 8-week period. During each session, we look at how the mind, body and brain work together from a scientific perspective and how to use practices that will promote well-being in all these aspects of yourself. Sessions include a 1 hour 10 minutes yoga practice, breath work, additional mind-body activities and a group discussion.

During the first two weeks of the course, we focus on regulating breath as a mode to alter the functioning of your nervous system so that you can manage stress with greater ease. From weeks 3 – 5 we concentrate on the relationship between body and mood and in weeks 6 – 8 we focus specifically on the mind.

To support your practice you are given a comprehensive manual and a download or CD with eight tracks, which coincide with each week of the course.

How is the Course Different from Other Courses for Emotional Healing?  – Usually courses will focus on just the mind and/or just the body as a way to enhance mental well-being.  At The Minded Institute, we understand that the most effective way to encourage long-term transformation is by focusing on the entire person.  Methods that focus just on the mind forget that mental habits are deeply connected with how the brain functions.

Without movement or breath work a person will struggle to use the power of the mind to change deeply entrenched patterns of thinking and reacting.  Likewise, if we only focus on the body we may overlook the reasons why we are so tied to particular ways of reacting to the environment.

Research reveals that faster and more long-term healing occurs through the intelligent integration of mind and body techniques.


  • The course fee is £180 and is payable before the course starts.  An agreed deposit is necessary to reserve your place.
  • If you would struggle to pay on booking, then I will happily discuss a phased payment plan
  • Cancellations allowed with £10 administration fee up to four weeks before start date, otherwise full course fee due. A later cancellation will only be allowed if your space can be filled
  • Once the course starts there are no cancellation provisions and the full course fee is due even if you do not complete the course