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Improving Lives One Breath at a Time


You know that Yoga is good for you.  You’ve read it.  You’ve been told by a friend or acquaintance.  Maybe you’ve maybe done a few classes – maybe a lot of classes – and felt better for it.  Yet often its difficult to know just how to use Yoga for your own well-being. 

Put simply, where to start.  How to move beyond following a teacher in a Yoga class, and empowering yourself to use Yoga to it’s full potential.

A Yoga Therapist is trained and experienced in guiding you on this journey – guiding, not instructing.  Invitational not directive.  Collaborative – and all centred on you.

Yoga Therapy is the use of traditional yoga techniques therapeutically to help individual Health and Well-being, addressing both specific concerns and general well-being.  It is provided in a gentle, accessible, and compassionate way, focused on the whole person.

Yoga Therapy at Yinspire is provided by myself, Jessica Garbett, and my professional interests cover:

Other conditions where Yoga Therapy is considered beneficial include, Depression, Parkinsons, Dementia/ Alzheimer’s, Immune Conditions, PTSD, ADHD, Schizophrenia, Eating Disorders, Addictions, Asthma / COPD, support during Cancer treatment, Chronic Fatigue.   That said I can work with most physical, mental and emotional concerns, and will tell you honestly if I cannot add value to any particular situation. 

Yoga Therapy uses Yoga to assist in enabling and nurturing an individuals own capacity for healing and development on a BioPsychoSocial basis, but also aims to improve health and wellbeing generally, and consequently there are not many situations where Yoga Therapy cannot provide some help and assistance.



Three Ways to Work With Me


There are three ways to work with me:

  • We can have a private session tailored to your needs at my Rowborough studio on the Isle of Wight, or online via Zoom
  • You can get a group of family or friends together for a private class tailored to the groups needs at Rowborough
  • You can attend one of my classes at Yinspire – these are not Yoga Therapy classes, but have a therapeutic thread running through them



Professional Yoga Therapy for Health and Well-Being


I trained in Yoga Therapy for Mental Health at Minded Institute, London, which meets the criteria of the British Council for Yoga Therapy and the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

I am registered with CNHC number 000046-F19.

“Yoga has been a constant in my life over recent years, and something of immeasurable benefit to me; its my privilege to share this with others, and I hope you can join me.” – Jessica Garbett

Coronavirus: From 4 July 2020 onward, I can resume studio based sessions indoors, which are offered, of course, with Social Distancing, Sanitisation and precautions.  I can offer Zoom sessions for those who cannot travel or who would prefer to work in this manner.